Profile Pages for Everyone

We have a profile page not only for each student but one each for every parent, teacher, and the people who run the school. Collect, collate, store, and share all the wonderfully joyous moments of your child with anyone you wish to. Upload, create, and share photographs, videos, and audios that capture the tinkling laughter and every funny yet cute expression of your child.

Direct and Instant Communication

Students, parents, teachers, and the school administration – everyone can connect and communicate directly through messages and forum posts. Today it is all about speed and instant communication, since strong connections are built and sustained only through timely communication.
We at ColorPencil add value to everyday communication by enabling:

Customizable App and Website

ColorPencil offers a fully customizable app for each school, replete with the ability to rename the app and customize its features to suit individual requirements. We also deliver a completely customizable and impactful website for schools, built and maintained as per usage and needs.

The app and the website enable clients to establish their brand identity, increase reach, and awareness in a competitive landscape and empower them to engage prospective customers effortlessly.


Create your own visual or audio timeline with the uploaded video, audio, and image files and collection of posts. A completely customizable timeline, with the ability to include or exclude any event or media file.

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